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Liberation Larder is a voluntary organisation in Byron Bay committed to making a difference to people in our area by providing healthy meals and fresh food parcels to people in need. We do this by identifying sources of nutritious surplus fresh food that might otherwise go to waste, rescuing it and making meals from it at the Fletcher Street Kitchen each Monday and Thursday. Liberation Larder believes good food should not go to waste. By distributing it to those in need we turn excess food into a resource and save hundreds of kilos being dumped in landfill each year. The volunteers at Liberation Larder currently make up to five hundred meals each week (including breakfast, lunch and fresh food parcels).

Orientation sessions for new volunteers are held every few months. Dates will be publicised well in advance.

There are lots of ways to become involved ……

Kitchen hand in the Fletcher Street Kitchen Chef/cook in the Fletcher Street Kitchen Cooking at home Driver on regular food runs with your own vehicle Fundraiser Mobile office worker/assistant coordinator Special events hand Surplus food scout

To become a volunteer you will need to express your interest by filling in the online form below. Before you begin work you are required to attend an Orientation Meeting at Liberation Larder. At that meeting you will be given an outline of the work of the Larder. You will also be given a short introductory course in Occupational Health and Safety. On completion of this course you will become a registered Volunteer for Liberation Larder should you wish to continue.

Orientation meetings for people interested in volunteering at Liberation Larder are held in the kitchen in the Community Centre, Fletcher Street, Byron Bay. These meetings are advertised for three weeks before a particular meeting in the local papers (The Echo and Byron News)

I understand that, as a volunteer at Liberation Larder it is necessary to respect people’s privacy, and I agree to keep anything I hear in the course of my work to myself. If anything concerns me I agree to share my concerns with the President, Helen Hamilton.

I understand that quality control of food and safety are critical in the work of Liberation Larder and agree to attend an Orientation Meeting and OH and S training before I start work.

I agree to wear covered shoes that are appropriate to work in whilst in a commercial kitchen and to wear a hat and pull my hair back in accordance with OHS standards.

I acknowledge that it is unsafe to commence work in an intoxicated state and agree not to come to work at Liberation Larder if I am under the influence of any substances.

I further understand that Liberation Larder provides a service that people rely on and agree to contact the Secretary with as much notice as possible if I am unable to work on an agreed day and time.

Meet Our Volunteers   A big THANK YOU goes out to our fantastic volunteers, we can not do it without your help

Alice Jarvis, Annina , Ashten, Astrid Preston, Bill Lockhart, Carole Gray,

Cathy Patterson, Cec Young, Cecelia Chaussemiche, Cedric Martin, David,

Di Horder, Elizabeth Jackson, Erica Light, Geraldine Crumpton, Gloria Radbum,

Helen Hamilton, Ian Evans, Josh, Katy Berentsen, Kelvin Forrest, Leah Merriman,

Lynda Dean, Malcolm, Marg McQuaker, Margot Wright, Marie Whealing,

Mark Smith, Mary Alderman, Max, Melinda Brown, Nicki Neon, Ona Winter-Irving,

Patrica Sutherland, Pamela Gormall, Rhonda Rhong, Richard Turner,

Roland Dickson, Sasha Worthington, Sebastian Crangle, Shelby Lemus, Tess,

Tony Farmer, Vicki Evans, Wendy Berecery,


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