Report for the owners of Friday on the Beach

Fridays Sale has started something, Liberation Larder has continued to receive payments, requests for assistance & suggestions for future partnerships this week. On Thursday we were able to help a young married couple “ move out of the swamp “ by providing a bed, blanket, bedspread, linen, fridge, bedside table & coffee table for their new tent on a powered site. The husband has found two part time jobs & is also volunteering in the Larder kitchen. On Thursday we also started taking names for the blankets from Friday on the Beach & our patrons want you to know how grateful they are for them.

The Byron community has been very impressed by your generosity & willingness to try something different. It has certainly paid off in lots of ways.

  • Liberation Larder will make in excess of $16,000.
  • Hundreds of household items, big & small have been allocated & delivered to people in need.
  • Many low income people have purchased quality household items that they needed but could not previously afford.
  • A number of startup B&Bs have been able to purchase quality goods.
  • The Byron Community Centre has outdoor furniture for its newly refurbished courtyard. Liberation Larder uses this area every Monday & Thursday for breakfast & lunch service.
  • People have donated back items they were replacing & these have been given to people in need.
  • Leapfrog Removals donated their services & delivered items to people benefitting from the Pay It Forward Fund.
  • Liberation Larder volunteers gave hundreds of hours of time over several weeks to ensure everything ran smoothly.


Many tributes have been given in recent weeks. Id like to share a few……..

“ Thank you so much. Please pass on very heartfelt thx to whoever felt the need to ‘pass it on’. It will make a huge difference to get some quality sleep. I have the Family Court process coming up which I know will be very stressful. Sincerely…….”

“ Big thanks, many disadvantaged people have benefited from this event. From all of us beneficiaries a big thanks. Hope it’s a butterfly effect that continues……”

“Thank you for the bed, it has changed my life for the better. I now go to sleep early & wake up refreshed & bright. This has been one of the most wonderful gifts I have ever received. Many blessings…..”

“ I salute Pay It Forward. It has been my pleasure to contribute to such a worthwhile initiative.”

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Mary & Christine. I appreciate that without Mary’s support & attention to detail it would not have been such a wonderful result.

I thank you for giving Liberation Larder this opportunity & wish you well for the redevelopment of Fridays.


Kind Regards

Helen Hamilton

President Liberation Larder