President’s Report Liberation Larder Inc



It is with great pride that I present the Presidents Report for 2013 for Liberation Larder Inc.

The President Helen Hamilton

The President
Helen Hamilton

Over 8,000 hours of volunteer time was donated to Liberation Larder over the past 12 months by 60 volunteers. That time was well spent and resulted in 21,300 meals and 2,800 bags of produce distributed to people in need from the Larder kitchen. These meals included breakfasts, lunches and emergency meals. The weekly donations of excess fruit, vegetables, dry goods and cooked food from many generous, local businesses allowed the team at Liberation Larder to craft delicious and nutritious meals throughout the year. The additional coin donations from people eating at Larder are always used to supplement our ingredients. In this financial year we purchased $5244.27 worth of ingredients. That is a lot of meals for a relatively small outlay.

Our website provides an updated list of our sponsors, too numerous to mention in this short report. Our newsletter is featuring regular interviews with individual sponsors and we have a Sponsors Board on display at the Larder kitchen. I thank each of you for your generous contribution of fresh produce, dry goods, cooked food and money. This service exists because of your good will.

This year Liberation Larder Inc. has been endorsed as a Charity and a Deductible Gift Recipient by the Australian Taxation Office. This has enabled the Larder to apply for grants from Private Funds and receive Tax Deductible Donations.

As a result we received $4500 from the Northern Rivers Community Foundation to install an exhaust system in the Larder kitchen enabling our chefs to cook meat. We also received generous donations from supporters in our community and we thank them while respecting their privacy.

All our systems have been improved this year due to the hard work of our committee. My heartfelt thanks go to Liz Swain, Cath Garvan,

Diann White, Jon Prendergast and Rhonda Khong. Our meetings are invariably longer than we expect but I believe we have achieved a lot this year and Liberation Larder is all the better for our deliberations and decisions.

Liberation Larder is nothing without its great band of volunteers. This year we have been successful in obtaining a Volunteer Grant from the Department of Families, Housing, Community Service and Indigenous Affairs for $5000. This money will provide petrol reimbursements for volunteer drivers and training progams in First Aid and Kitchen Safety Procedures for volunteers.

Larder has benefited from the input of students this year both in the kitchen and with research. Through student interviews with people at breakfast and lunch we have gained valuable feedback about the needs of the people coming to Larder and ways to improve our service. Student interviews with volunteers have likewise provided invaluable feedback. This research will provide a good starting point for our new committee.

I am pleased with the logical development of our kitchen garden. Our verge gardens in Fletcher Street have received considerable attention from the community and support from Byron Council.

They provide weekly ingredients for the kitchen as well as fresh parcels for people at Larder. Our exchange program with Byron Herb Farm has seen our kitchen green waste feeding their worms and chooks, in return we have benefited from their excess seedlings and occasional worm juice.

I look forward to the year ahead and continuing to work with the great team that is Liberation Larder.

Helen Hamilton
President Liberation Larder