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    If you would like a red t-shirt with the Liberation Larder logo free of charge to have and to hold now is the time to place your order.

    This can be done by writing your name and size on the list attached to the volunteers” cupboard or advise by email.

    The sizes are women”s or men”s fit ‐ small, medium, large, extra large.


    Volunteers can, if they wish, have lunch at Larder or a takeaway but please just the 1 meal dessert.

Helen Hamilton


Welcome to this edition of the Liberation Larder newsletter & a big thank you to our editor Liz & all our contributors. With the colder weather our breakfasts are proving very popular. There are often people waiting at 7am when I open up & they wait patiently until we have hot pies, toast, fruit & cereal available. We have realised that most of the people that come for breakfast do not come back at lunchtime so we have been introducing more healthy options. Our toast is made with bread from Harvest or the Holy Grain (the new organic bakery next to Citrus Deli) & topped with smashed egg, avocado, cheese, tomato depending on what is available. Our offerings of fruit have included citrus, apples, pears, grapes, strawberries, melons & cereal is a variety of museli. Ann & Shirley provide a warm welcome to everyone on Mondays & work hard to meet special requests……thank you girls. If anyone would like to take on Thursday breakfast let me know. It means a commitment from 7 – 9.30 am. Our emergency meals are also growing in popularity. We ran out of meals in the Byron Community Centre on Monday & our chefs Adam, Cec & Brom came to the rescue making a beautiful batch of pesto, bacon & sundried tomato pasta. We are very grateful to new sponsors Salumi Salami & Blue Bay Deli for making this delicious dish possible. This week we are also providing 40 takeaway meals of Vegetable Curry to Foodbank /C3 on Thursday morning for them to distribute at Food Service in the morning & afternoon as well as 40 emergency meals to the Mullumbimby Community Centre. Our total meal count each week is currently in excess of 400 including emergency meals, breakfasts & lunches. Thank you everyone! Your generosity makes all of this possible.

Helen Hamilton

Liberation Larder

Liberation Larder’s “Meals on (Cath’s) Wheels” !!

RECIPE OF THE MONTH – Thanks to Ghaya


  • 1 egg beaten
  • 750gm lamb mince
  • 1 kaffir leaf (finely
  • sliced)
  • 2-3 green leek leaves (or green shallot) leaves finely chopped
  • 1 stick celery finely chopped 1 grated small sweet potato (optional: 1 small
  • parsnip grated or finely chopped)
  • 1-2 cloves garlic
  • Salt (& pepper as desired)
  • heaped tsp cinnamon
  • heaped tsp mint flakes
  • Optional: 1 finely chopped chilli ( /- seeds)


  • Preheat oven to 180 degrees C. Chop all vegies.
  • Beat egg with condiments.
  • Apply rubber gloves & combine lamb & egg mix.
  • Knead vegies through as evenly as possible Push into large loaf tin flattening
  • top.
  • Cook for 1 hour. After 40 minutes add buckwheat to top – it will be crunchy & adds a different texture. You may prefer sunflower or sesame seeds – or nothing at all!

Before serving I alwys pour the fat off & throw it away – that”s also


Dianne, Cec and the family pet, “Monty” the Python

With one eye on the movements of Monty in the open rafters above us, I chatted with Dianne and Cec at their home in Bangalow recently.

Dianne and Cec in their courting days

You will know Cec as the Larder chef who gave us one of his favourite recipes for publication in the April Newsletter and Dianne as the dynamic kitchen worker. They started volunteering at LL last year. As former owners of their own food businesses for many years in Sydney and Byron they are foodies from way back.

Cec was born in the island paradise of Seychelles where, as a four-year old, he made the most of all that the islands had to offer including climbing coconut palms and riding giant tortoises. His family left that island paradise and moved to Kenya. He started school there and later went to Melbourne to finish his secondary education at boarding school. Watson”s Bay in Sydney was Cec”s next destination where, as a young man, he did a four-year apprenticeship as a french chef at the Summit restaurant. After he had qualified he travelled overseas to further his experience.


Di is a country “gal” from Aberdeen (a small town in the upper Hunter Region of NSW) who at the age of six started singing lessons with her mother who was herself an opera singer. Later Di studied with the local Nuns before being snapped up by television channel NBN 9 as one of the performers to open their Newcastle station.

From that beginning she went to Sydney where she worked as a jazz singer for St George Leagues Club and television networks in Sydney and Melbourne working with legends Roy Orbiston, Tom Jones, Mike Walsh, Graeme Kennedy, Don Lane and many others.

Luke and MilesAs well as TV and club work Di has sung at prestigious jazz clubs such as The Basement in Sydney and was one of the performers at the opening of the newly-built Byron Bay Community Centre.

(Let”s take a peek at Monty – he”s (or is it she”s – how do tell the sex of a python?) writhing around a bit lifting his

head occasionally to take a look. Fortunately for us he seems to be happy to stay in the far corner of the room! He”s soaking up all the “goss” that”s going on below!)


Cec and Di met when Di”s brother brought his best friend home for tea. His best friend was of course Cec, and that was the start of a thirty-eight year romance. Their first years of marriage were spent in Sydney with Di performing and having babies and Cec running food establishments. It was at this stage Di decided to become Dianne – she thought the name Di Young wasn”t a good omen for a long life and happy marriage!

In 1987 they moved to the North Coast living first at Nashua and then Hayters Hill. Colleages Delvine (DeLaney) and John had taken over and re-shaped the Beach Hotel and Dianne was engaged as resident artist in the newly fashioned hotel – a gig that she continued doing for an incredible twenty-five years! At the same time she was commuting to Sydney for engagements there.

Soon after arriving on the north coast they opened the deli Gourmet Bay in Jonson Street (where Stoked is now). Cec made sausages and various other French delectables and Dianne created exotic sandwiches using french-style cheeses and patés. But back then Byron Bay wasn”t quite ready for such high living and so they converted their deli into a noodle bar. In 2000, after fourteen years of working round the clock they sold their shop and took time out.

Dianne and Cec

Dianne and Cec

They bought a house in Bangalow in 2001 where they and daughter Sophie- and the python! – still live) and, after settling in and recovering their breath they opened Bamboo noodle bar in Bangalow. They sold that.

Now they are fancy-free (for a little while) and it has been our great pleasure at Liberation Larder to have their experience and energies in our kitchen.

But they haven”t stopped. They are still considering what they will do next and I”m pleased to announce (as the politicians are fond of saying) that Cec is going to run Cooking with Cec – classes for small groups of people at Dianne and Cec”s home in Bangalow. If you would like to join a class (which will be starting in July) you will need to register on-line at:

From the Editor:

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