Newsletter August

Welcome to the latest edition of the Liberation Larder newsletter.
Nights & early mornings have been very chilly & often wet these past weeks in Byron. At this time of year I am very grateful for my comfortable home & try to imagine what it is like for people without a roof over their head.  This winter we are trying to reach out to more people in need through our expanded breakfast program. A big thank you to all our volunteers who start work at 7am to provide this nutritious meal & a cheerful place to come each Monday & Thursday for our growing number of regulars.
I also thank our new supporters, Tusta from Heart & Halo for the beautiful food he prepares for emergency meals ……Warren Simmons Auto Group for choosing Larder as their Charity of the Month & raising $500…… Feed the People for choosing Liberation Larder as their Charity partner & providing us with a new video, produce , plants for the verge gardens & a $2 donation for orders they receive over $40……Byron Bay Cookie Company for the extraordinary donation of cookies that we have been able to share with the Cottage, Beep, Youth House, YAC, Mullum Community Centre, Byron Herb Nursery & Byron Community Centre.
Liz’s ad in the Echo each week has worked a treat & brought many new volunteers & donations of excess produce from farms & home kitchens.
Several new volunteers have remarked to me that Larder runs very smoothly.  I must say when it runs smoothly it is great. However it is taking a lot of work behind the scenes for this to happen. If you are thinking you might like to do a little more have a look at this list…….
·   Pickups on Saturday & Sunday from Cardamon Pod, Holy Grain, Harvest, Brumbies, Belongil Bistro, Top Shop
·   Making emergency meals from donated restaurant food eg. cooking rice /pasta & making up emergency packs.
·   Checking  kitchen shopping list, purchasing items & returning these to the kitchen for next work day.
·   Co.ordinating home cooking program  .. currently  Gay, Gloria, Meg & Louise prepare dishes in their own kitchens each week.
·   Washing aprons & tea towels each Monday & returning for next work day…. 17 -31 July as Liz is away.
·   Delivering green waste to Byron Herb Farm & collecting their excess plants for  the verge gardens.
·   Backup drivers for Monday & Thursday ….5 September – 10 November while Bob is overseas.
·   Co.ordinating emergency meals program….. making sure there are enough meals prepared each week to cover requirements & that meals are properly packaged & labeled.
·   Weeding & planting in the verge gardens Sundays 8am.
If you think you might be interested in any of these jobs please talk to myself or Liz.
Travis has been working on the Liberation Larder website, he has uploaded the new Feed the People video & it is definitely worth a look. Honu, or founder & many volunteers & regulars feature.
Finally, a new volunteer Veronica, our Social Science student Deborah & myself will be working over the coming month to gather information about the people who access our Liberation Larder services & the volunteers who provide the services. We will do this by asking people to anonymously answer a few questions. We hope this information will give us an indication of who we are servicing & if we need to do it differently.
My thanks to everyone for your help in caring for those in need in our community this winter.


The Generosity of our supporters continues to inspire us to higher levels of service to the Byron Bay Community.

Rose from The Arts Factory gave a donation of $80.50 to Liberation Larder. She did so because she attended Larder when she needed to a while back. Kharma! 

Simmo’s Automotive Group

Liberation Larder was the charity of the month in June at Simmo’s Automotive Group
A cheque for $500.00 has been received from Darren, the manager of Simmo’s of which the moneys received in donations ($250) was matched by Simmo’s.

Darren presenting the cheque to Liz, Secretary of Liberation Larder.


Heart & Halo
Heart & Halo Is Owned And Operated By Amiya and Tusta. They are valued donors of Liberation Larder and we thank them for their generosity.

Heart & Halo offers a wide variety of global vegetarian dishes with distinct Indian Ayurvedic influences. Tusta, the head chef brings over 20 years of experience and adds his own flavour and style to all meals he prepares. Tusta has travelled to many places of the world but it is his love of India that has influenced his cooking the most. All meals are vegetarian and will tempt even the fussiest of eaters.
Heart & Halo sources only the freshest spices, beans and grains to ensure the fullest of flavour. Only healthy oils are used for cooking and Himalayan salt is used to help improve your wellbeing.

Heart & Halo
4/14 Middleton Street
(crn Byron/Middleton Streets)
Phone: 66856685


Travis Lochert is our webmaster.  Originally from Adelaide, he and his partner Amanda, moved to Byron Bay about 4 years ago and helped start the Community Table Cafe a year later. They met in Istanbul, Amanda was nannying while Travis spent a season leading tours around the Greek Islands before taking up residence in the Travel company’s Istanbul office to look after the marketing for a few years.  Working in marketing with in-house graphic and web designers, Travis became interested in the web and learnt how to design websites.

Travis has recently been looking after our website. If you need help with your existing website or have plans to launch a new site, Travis can be found by sending an email to him at:  You can also generally find Travis at Tallows Beach when the surf is up or at the Community Table Cafe in the evenings when there is a show on in the Byron theatre.

From Lisa ………
Serving The Community Around Us

I know you think you should make a trip to Calcutta, but I strongly advise you to save your airfare and spend it on the poor in your own country. It’s easy to love people far away. It’s not always easy to love those who live right next to us. There are thousands of people dying for a bit of bread, but there are thousands more dying for a bit of love or acknowledgement. The truth is that the worse disease today is not leprosy or tuberculosis; it’s being unwanted , it’s being left out, it’s being forgotten….Mother Teresa.

From Alice ……
Tax Help Program

Get free help with your tax return from the ATO’s Tax Help Program,
volunteer — Alice Jarvis will be again help you at the community
Centre on the Fridays, starts 12th July till the end of October.

Are your tax affairs simple?

Do you earn around $50,000 or less from your job (sorry, not for an
ABN holder).  Book Alice for an appointment with the Byron Community
Centre 6685 6807, or talk to Alice on Thursdays (pm) for more details.