Liberation Larder is pleased to announce it has successfully applied for several small grants in recent months. This will enable us to expand our service and think beyond making ends meet each week.

The Cancer Council is providing $3000.00 for our Larder Connect Program. This program will target individuals and families who are isolated and/or socially disadvantaged and at risk of ill health. Liberation Larder will now be able to provide them with fresh and frozen nutritious vegetarian meals distributed to them through other community organisations.
Byron Shire Council is providing $2500.00 to upgrade our Fletcher Street Kitchen, specifically to provide much needed cooling for the coming summer.

The kitchen is a real hot box and volunteers and our leafy greens appreciate the relief.

The Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs is providing $4690.00 for much needed kitchen equipment, reimbursement of petrol expenses and an additional freezer.