About Liberation Larder

Liberation Larder Inc. launched at the Byron Bay Community Centre 1st May 2009. The Larder provides hot lunches, bags of fresh produce and emergency frozen meals to those in need in Byron Bay, Australia. The Larder Kitchen is open on Mondays and Thursdays at 7am to 2 pm.

contact us anytime at our facebook and/or Phone:0435879778.


The Larder’s Birth

Liberation Larder’s founder, Venerable Honu Dawson, wasn’t certain how the community would respond to her initiative. To help provide food needed for people who were struggling to make ends meet, Honu began visiting local businesses and industries. Honu’s aim was to set up a ‘Liberation Larder’, a food lifeline, to help those who may need a grocery top-up, for the 100 – 150 homeless and struggling in the Byron Bay community.

The Larder Today

Liberation Larder is currently supplying 150 bags of produce and 200 meals per week. Over 20,000 meals have been provided to the community since opening almost 3 years ago. Larder Connect has recently been made possible thanks to new and old supporters and a successful grant application from Cancer Council. The Larder is well on its way to making sure that all community members have access to healthy food and that good food does not go to waste. Thanks so much to all our donors and volunteers who make this possible!

Larder Connect – Outreach Program

Larder Connect believes everyone should have access to good healthy food. Liberation Larder are establishing ‘Larder Connect’ a new service of  emergency frozen meals. Our volunteers collect the produce, make nutritious vegetarian meals from this produce and distribute them to agencies and people in need in Byron Shire.  Read more about Larder Connect here.